When the world shakes, it will shudder. 
The beginning of the end has arrived.
I am posting this story up for free. I will make no money from it. I offer it in free PDF files and in other formats so that the message that God has been putting on my heart can easily reach people. This book is not just a story. It will show the future of the world as God has revealed to me and is based on the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. 

Judgment has come to the U.S. and many countries in the world. Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and a number of other Christians will face many foes who seek their lives and who will stop at nothing to either kill or arrest these Christians. Facing such an enemy, they will take up God's Holy Scriptures and use the power of God's Word against a deadly foe. 

Communist soldiers, armed with the latest in modern weapons and equipment; deadly, armed quad-rotor drones; vicious Eurasian wolves; gangsters; armed militants; and other foes will seek to kill and terrorize the characters of this story. But, God's power will work in mighty ways to bring about supernatural manifestations of His glory, and miracles will abound. Unnatural, miraculous deliverances will shatter the power of the enemy and break through spiritual darkness as God's Word comes into the earthly realm.

The war between Heaven and Hell is being waged as you read, and the kingdom of darkness will begin to shake as God's glorious Kingdom arises in mighty power to ultimately end the reign of the rulers of darkness. This story will reveal through its action this battle and the ultimate end.

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